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about orrin rudolph

Leadership development, freedom from the past and life success has always been a passion for Orrin.

"Life is meant to be lived in abundance in all areas, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, yet so few are able to reach this goal. There are many reasons for this, living in the chains of the past, fear of change, or simple procrastination of living too much in the future. Whatever the reasons or excuses, today is the day for change and change we must in order to experience this success!" Orrin Rudolph

Having worked in South Africa in the public school system, helping young people develop these skills for success, Orrin has literally seen thousands of young people catch on to the truth of being able to make a success of their lives no matter their background, or the color of their skin.

"Young and old alike have a hidden potential in them that needs to be explored, developed and released, so that they can enjoy abundant living." Orrin Rudolph

As a professionally trained speaker, life coach, pastor, and communicator, Orrin Rudolph has travelled throughout the United States including Alaska and Puerto Rico training in companies and public workshops, sharing the good news that success starts today, be it in your finances, in your leadership skills, in your family, business or even your emotions.

"Why do so many people wait until tomorrow to succeed, or allow the past to stop them? If we just realize that today is the most fertile ground that we have and that whatever we plant in it is bound to produce a harvest, we would be so much more proactive in what we do. For good seeds will always produce success in the future, while bad seed will almost certainly produce failure, the only ones responsible for what is sown into our field is ourselves!" Orrin Rudolph