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About Orrin


a. Ministry & Speaking Experience

• One of Orrin Rudolph’s deepest passions flowing out of His relationship with Jesus Christ is his desire to see Christians being set free from the bondage of performance and self-examination due to an Old Covenant mindset or a mixing of covenants. With over 25 years of ministry experience, including pastoring, leading worship, and preaching in hundreds of churches across the world, Orrin’s passion for ministry has not decreased but rather exploded into a deep desire to reach more Christians with the Good News that God is not angry anymore, and that they have a ministry of reconciliation for a dying World.

b. Business Seminar Experience

• With over one thousand seminars under his belt and with more than three hundred businesses trained, Orrin Rudolph has a vast experience in the seminar training world. This experience has helped countless business owners, employees and self-employed individuals find principles of success within their field of expertise. Training businesses in Powerful Leadership and Management skills, Exceptional Customer Service, Building Powerful Teams, Smart and Effective Employee Evaluations, Discipline and Feedback Techniques, Coaching Skills and How to Train Trainers within the Organization to name a few has taken these businesses to new levels of productivity and success.

c. Sales Experience

• With over 15 Years of proven Sales success within diverse types of organizations, including door to door sales, telephone, and face to face in store sales Orrin Rudolph has won multiple sales awards, including 3 of the highest awards from various companies. Within the Seminar community, Orrin Rudolph has excelled in Product sales called BOR or Back of room Sales, winning the coveted Aviation Award for the Number one BOR Sales Professional. This experience in Sales Techniques has opened the door to coach and train other Sales professionals to success and multiple awards within their own sales careers.

About Orrin Rudolph