Recent Testimonials

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Wild Rose Essentials

"I thought twice about coming today to t he seminar, I am glad I went with my original plans. Orrin is funny and understandable in his presentation. He was great!"

Julie Norton

Allan House Inc

"Orrin Rudolph was an excellent communicator, very energetic and knowledgeable. I would recommend his training highly to any organization."

Santanna Ortiz

CEO, Smile Studios

"In 21 years of practice, I have been in countless hours of practice management style continuing education. I have been to see the best of the best. I have to say that Orrin Rudolph was the best communicator and encourager in the area of business management I have ever listened too. He has an excellent way of incorporating humor, old fashioned common sense, faith and fun into his presentations."

Dr. Guy Waldron, Jr. DDS

Crown Financial Ministries South Africa

"Orrin's ability to use a humoristic style has captured many an audience and has kept them on the edge of their seats with laughter, but also with inspiration. The true sign of an inspirational speaker is when the audience leave the venue not only inspired, but also with the mandate to put into action the wisdom they gained. Orrin Rudolph has been blessed with the gift to not only inspire, but also to lead his audience to action!"

Handre de Jongh, National Director

Restoration Church

"Orrin Rudolph captivates his audience with his humorous and well-prepared presentations. I never knew learning could be so much fun."

Pastor Tommy Jackson, Lead Pastor

San Antonio Housing Authority

"This was the best training experience I have ever had. Orrin was excellent. Very informative, good delivery. Orrin Rudolph is a great speaker, very knowledgeable, entertaining and upbeat"

Teri Cypert

Health Programe Manager

"Orrin Rudolph has a very entertaining yet extremely informative teaching style. I learned so much from him in such a short amount of time. He really understands what he is teaching and knows how to help us catch it. This seminar was totally worth the time!"

Kate McAfee, MSN, RN

Human Resource Manager, San Antonio, TX

"Fantastic speaker, easy to follow, would highly recommend Orrin to others."

Monica Verma

Tony Walker & Co, Williamsville, NY

"Orrin's seminar was informative, motivational and well worth the investment. The program is uniquely universal to all professions. I recommend Orrin Rudolph seminars to anyone who is interested in personal growth."

Ron Bellus, President Tony Walker & Co

Engineering Manager, Schlumberger, Houston, TX

"The training class was intriguing and beneficial in my opinion for every new manager regardless of his/her background. The best part of Orrin's seminar is that the materials covered in the class are very practical and you can apply those management skills immediately when you return to office."

Sean Wu, PhD

S.E.E.K. Arizona, Phoenix, AR

"From the beginning, participants will relax with Orrin's positive approach to teaching.  Well-versed with a comprehensive knowledge of the topics-at-hand, Orrin conveys material in a low-stress yet engaging format that is sure to educate the entry-level professional. It would be easy for a class that targets accounting principles to "put off" participants with an alarming and complex curriculum. Orrin's pleasant demeanor ensures that is not the case. I for one would recommend Orrin Rudolph as a training specialist of the highest caliber."

Brian Pfingstl, Director of Operations

Sasso Marketing Inc, Chicago, IL

"Orrin was awesome! He taught timeless principals and wove in real world examples from his life and career to make the content engaging and memorable. The way he infused the material with his humor and personality elevated him from an instructor dispensing knowledge to a leader imparting wisdom. And what I most appreciated was, that at the core of his presentation, was a message of authenticity and integrity."

Phil Sasso

Dewmar International BMC Inc

"This course was one of the most informative business related, responsibility programs that I've ever attended over the past 20 years of both my business and educational career. I can apply this toward my day-to-day business activities and improve financial decisions and position of my company."

Dr Marco Moran, CEO & President

Lazarus Asset Management Inc.

"Of all the courses I have done, Orrin Rudolph was the best, touching on both business and personal life in a very encouraging and motivational way."

Tim Lazarus, CEO & President

X1 Technologies, Pasadena, CA

"Great Speaker! Keeps it dynamic and engaging, informative and personal!"

Christopher Walton, Vice President

Random House, Inc.

"Orrin is a creative and knowledgeable sales trainer. His love of sales and insight into the world's oldest profession, and it's not what you are thinking, was engaging and inspiring in relating and connecting with customers. I'm inspired again to face rejection and win the sale."

Steve Reed, Senior Sales Manager