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31 Day Dealing with Fear Challenge! Day 31

Day 31: What’s Your Name? Ever wondered if the name you were given has meaning? We tend to name ourselves by the beliefs we have about ourselves. Like Jacob, whose name meant “Man striver, manipulator, usurper.” God sees us differently to the way we see ourselves. As we come out the other side of fear, trial, and struggle, God is ready to call you by a different name. One that is different from the way you see yourself and rather to the way He sees you!

What you think you are is not what God knows you are and what God calls you!!

About the author, Orrin

Orrin Rudolph believes that to have life success you need life balance. Success is not about “Time management” but rather “Life Management”. To experience true freedom in our spiritual, professional, relational, emotional, financial and physical lives we need to get a clear understanding of choice. Freedom without choice can never be called freedom! South African born, Orrin Rudolph moved to the United States in 2002. With his wife Sarah, and through their Vital Life organization they seek to restore vitality, freedom from pain and the enjoyment of successful victorious living to Churches, Companies, Organizations and to everyone they meet!

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