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Don’t Eat Your Seed

A farmer heads out to his freshly plowed field with a sack of corn in his hands. He is about to sow the seed when his stomach begins to rumble. The farmer realizes that he has not had anything to eat and that he is really craving some fresh bread. He leaves the field and…

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Leave the Past Behind

“Resentment is like having Someone stay rent free in your brain.” In one of my seminars a lady shared with me an experience she had with a friend of hers. At college one of her guy friends was being picked on and teased on a constant basis by a fellow student. This had begun wearing…

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What We Leave Behind

  Sitting on my daughter’s bed a few nights ago, reading her a story a sudden thought struck me! Lying in front of me, her eyes affixed to the pages of the book I was reading was my legacy, my contribution to this planet. when I am gone one day, this little being will remain,…

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