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A New Covenant Part 4: A Recipe for Change

How does God change us into becoming more like His son? Do we become more diciplined, or do we obey more? How does change take place within the New Covenant? In this message, Orrin Rudolph shows us the huge difference between the Covenants and how our behaviors and actions are transformed and changed!

A New Covenant Part 3: Three Men and a Promise

Three men, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, all received a promise from God, each went through different situations that tested the terms of that covenant promise and all three past. They were not holy men or men of high moral value, yet they were supremely blessed, why? In this message, Orrin Rudolph continues in the series…

A New Covenant Part 2: 430 Years Later

Did you know that the Old Testament has two covenants? Did you know that Jesus came to establish a covenant that was already around 430 years before the law! In this message, Orrin Rudolph continues in his study of a New Covenant that we have in Christ!

A New Covenant Part 1: What’s Your Name?

One of the biggest reasons we do not live in victory as Christians is we have lived within a mixture of covenants. Most Christians do not even know that there are two covenants, nor do they know that the New Covenant is not that new! Orrin Rudolph, begins a study in covenants and what that…