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Circle 1: Spiritual Vitality - Preaching & Seminars


Definition of
Spiritual Vitality

is all about the Four I’s.
Identity, Intimacy, Integrity and Influence.


– Knowing the one who created you as Father, and knowing that you were created to be a son and daughter who were meant to rule in life not to be ruled over by the enemy.


– Out of knowing your Identity in Christ, flows intimacy with your heavenly Father. True intimacy can only be experienced when you have a true revelation of your Identity.


– From the Latin Integer, meaning wholeness. Integrity (Wholeness) is created out of Intimacy with Father God. He produces wholeness in us!


– When we are living lives of Integrity (Wholeness) we will become a major Influence on those around us. No longer do we talk the walk but now we walk the talk!


Orrin Rudolph preaches one thing and one thing only, Jesus Christ, Him crucified, His resurrection and what that means to us as His body. Without Jesus the bible falls apart, without Jesus God’s goodness, favor, mercy, and Fatherhood would be hidden from us. Without Jesus there would be no Life! The world needs to know the love, grace and goodness of the Father and Jesus is the one who reveals these amazing truths through His body to a hungry and thirsty world!

Orrin’s passion is to see the body of Christ stripped from their grave clothes, healed from religions suffocating hold and free from a yolk of slavery to live an abundant life as sons. When his body is truly living in freedom, they can be vessels without restriction to transmit the good news of the Gospel to the world.

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