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Circle 2: Professional Vitality – Keynotes, Seminars & Sales Coaching


Definition of
Professional Vitality

is all about the Four D’s.
Develop, Deal, Delegate, and Direct.


– To stay ahead and remain competitive, businesses and individuals need to continue to develop their skills both in the technical and social fields. Change is here to stay and by developing & diversifying your skill sets you are insuring that you will not be left in the dust.


– Learning as a business to deal with your customers, clients and vendors more effectively is a must for success. As an individual learning to deal with those around you with tact, patience and professionalism be it your boss, co-workers or employees can make or break your career. True leadership does not come with a title or badge.


– To remain sane within the fast-paced world we live in, delegation skills are part and parcel of a successful business and individual. As a business learning to delegate out to other businesses is a skill that must be learned, while individual leaders and managers must learn effective delegation.


– When others under you succeed so do you. Learning to direct others to success, overcoming the selfishness of self-preservation at the expense of others is a lost art. Businesses can celebrate and learn from the success of others and their employees, while managers and leaders need to direct others into a clear path of success.


Orrin Rudolph, has spoken across the United States in various businesses on the four D’s of Success. Humorous, engaging, relevant and energetic Keynotes are what companies look for when looking for speakers to entertain and leave deposits of success within their staff and leadership. Orrin Rudolph delivers in spades! Click the Link to E-mail us or call our office at 903-241-1196 for availability and bookings.




Looking for full day seminars to train your staff and leadership in different skills. We have various courses to meet your needs. To Find out more E-mail us by clicking on the link or call our office directly at 903-241-1196 for more information and availability.



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