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Circle 3: Relational Vitality – Keynotes, Seminars & Coaching


Definition of
Relational Vitality

is all about the Four F’s.
Fellowship, Friendship,
Faithfulness and Forgiveness.


– What every relationship needs is a foundation of true friendship. If relationships lack this, they have nothing solid to build on and will eventually fail. Be it with your significant other, your children or your friends, friendship is what makes these relationships last and thrive. Friendship is what really builds intimacy.


– If we truly want to understand how to fellowship correctly with those who we are in relationship with, we need to learn how to communicate effectively. The keys that unlock true fellowship is open and honest communication. Clear communication are the walls that protect our relationship from the thieves of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.


– Authenticity, truthfulness, fidelity and transparency all build the roof of faithfulness. If Friendship is the foundation you build your relational house on and fellowship your walls, then faithfulness is the roof that covers the relationship. Without it you are exposed to the elements. We cover one another with faithfulness.


– The insurance policy you hold on your relational home is forgiveness. A family that learns to forgive one another and others is a family that is insured against the disasters of life. Forgiveness allows us to let go of the past and grab hold to the success of the future.


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