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Circle 4: Emotional Vitality – Seminars


Definition of
Emotional Vitality

is all about the Four A’s.
Awareness, Acceptance, Affirmation
and Assessment.


– Learning to be aware of your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what impacts your emotions positively or negatively and being aware of your hot buttons. Awareness is the starting point on your journey to emotional vitality!


– To be accepting of your surrounding and circles of influence is a powerful tool to have. Accepting that there are things I can change and focusing on those things rather than focusing on the things outside of my ability to change will speed you along to emotional vitality.


– Dealing with your self-talk and what you are confessing over yourself on a daily basis is critical to emotional health, Quieting the negative voices and amplifying the positive ones through affirmation will go a long way in avoiding the potholes along your journey!


– It’s not enough just to be aware of your weaknesses but are you assessing your progress or lack thereof when it comes to your emotional growth. Knowing where you are and how far you still need to go to get to your destination is important.


Wanting to learn to deal with difficult people in your life without losing it. Do you need strategy to help influence others, or learning to control your emotions be it your temper or any other emotion that is getting in your way for success? We have the seminars for you! Maybe your church wants to run some seminars for your people to help them in these areas or as a business you are tired of the conflict caused by all the emotions flying around either way, find out more by E-mailing us by clicking on the contact link or call our office at 903-241-1196 for more information and availability.