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Circle 5: Financial Vitality – Seminars


Definition of
Financial Wellness

is all about the Four P’s.
Plan, Produce, Position and Promote.


– If you fail to plan you plan to fail. This is no truer than within your personal, church or business finances. Have a plan. Budgets are plans on paper. All individuals and organizations cannot survive without a well laid plan in the form of a budgets.


– There is only two ways to increase profit, you either decrease your expenses or increase your income. Producing more comes down to maximizing your earning potential, either as an individual, organization or business. We need to learn to live up to our potential and not allow ourselves to get stuck in a rut.


– Positioning yourself for success comes down to the accounting equation. Position yourself to increase assets that have strong value increase, pay down your debts and build equity. By being pro-active and making your own luck by positioning yourself, organization and business in places where you can find success instead of waiting for it to fall out of the sky. Stop waiting for your ship to arrive!


– Promote your potential, no one else will. Learn to market yourself, organization and business using all the tools available to you. Promote, stimulate, foster your knowledge within finances. Understand how to read financial statements, don’t always depend on your accountant. Have a good knowledge of accounting and finances this will help you make informed and wise decisions.


We have a variety of Financial and Computer Seminars that will help you in your endeavor to increase your knowledge and become proficient in the tools you use to handle your finances. Find out more by E-mailing us by clicking on the contact link or call our office at 903-241-1196 for more information and availability.