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What We Leave Behind


Sitting on my daughter’s bed a few nights ago, reading her a story a sudden thought struck me! Lying in front of me, her eyes affixed to the pages of the book I was reading was my legacy, my contribution to this planet. when I am gone one day, this little being will remain, living values, traits and character that I had taught her, be they good or bad! I have heard this said before by different people, but until a few nights ago it was one of those things that we take for granted, we push into the recesses of our minds and try not to think about. But think about it we must!

“Our greatest success opportunities walk past us each day!”

So many of us are all about making a success of our lives. We go to self-help workshops, listen to motivational speakers, we spend hours slogging away at jobs. Always dreaming of the day when success will come knocking at our doors, be it in fame, fortune or any other variance of what our society deems as a successful life! Yet our greatest success opportunities walk past us each day, as we go about our proverbial pursuit of happiness! Our greatest chance to be remembered, our greatest opportunity to be successful is not in a career, not in wealth and not in fame, but rather our greatest success is in what we leave behind in our children!

“It seems, there are many who sow seed in our society, not many gardeners.”

In a society severely lacking in true fatherhood, where too many males still act like children instead of men, children are suffering the consequences! As I sat on that bed, my mind began to race as to what I was investing in my girls. What was I as their father placing in their lives that would withstand the test of time? These are tough questions to ask, yet necessary. Was I, through my actions, my behaviors investing life in them or death? Was I like a gardener nurturing the plant, watering it so that it might grow into a strong straight tree that has deep roots? There are it seems many who sow seed in our society, not many gardeners that are willing to take care of the seed. We wonder why we have so many crooked trees, with roots so shallow that when the storms of life come they are blown over. These crooked trees are the destiny of the gardeners who took care of them.

“They will continue our destiny, dependent on what we have left behind in them!”

As fathers firstly, we need to realize that our responsibility is to the next generation. For how they shape our country and our society will be determined by what we have invested in them. How they love and invest in their children will be to a similar measure of how we love and nurture them. They will continue our destiny dependent on what we have left behind in them!

About the author, Orrin

Orrin Rudolph believes that to have life success you need life balance. Success is not about “Time management” but rather “Life Management”. To experience true freedom in our spiritual, professional, relational, emotional, financial and physical lives we need to get a clear understanding of choice. Freedom without choice can never be called freedom! South African born, Orrin Rudolph moved to the United States in 2002. With his wife Sarah, and through their Vital Life organization they seek to restore vitality, freedom from pain and the enjoyment of successful victorious living to Churches, Companies, Organizations and to everyone they meet!


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